What are Community Groups?

Community Groups, also known as Small Groups or Life Groups, are groups of people meeting together weekly, or biweekly to have meaningful conversations about life and God. 

Typically groups meet in homes, and some even share a meal. The amazing part about Community Groups are the friendships that are built, and the strength that people gain in walking through life together.  

Groups will typically use the teaching from Sunday as the starting point of dialogue. Questions based on the teaching are provided each week on the Sunday handout.

If you haven’t ever been a part of a Community Group, and would like more information before moving forward, please email Ken at kenr@ecconline.cc and he would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

When do Community Groups start and stop?

Community Groups run on a basic Semester System. From February through April groups will run and then the process will start over again. We take a break in May and then groups run from June through August. In September we take a break, and groups run from October through December. 




We have this calendar set up for a couple different reasons. One, everyone needs a break, so we have three months a year worked in for a break for leaders, host homes, and group members. 




In addition to the practical, if you have never joined a Community Group, it can be intimidating to jump in, so a three month commitment is a little easier to agree to. Basically, you're not locked into a group forever.

At the end of the day, our hope is that all people would be part of a Community Group.

Community Groups are available at our Olympia and Centralia Campuses.