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Let’s spread Hope to our community through Random acts of Service and let's have fun while we do it. As you serve share your experience on social media and use the hash tag #ECC12daysofservice to inspire others with our ideas.

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Sunday, November 25th

Foster/Adoptive Single Parent Gift Card--buy a gift card (bring it to church)

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Monday, November 26th

Drop off a Thank you note to your local Police/Fire Department.

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Tuesday, November 27th

Put together hygiene kits for the Lacey Veterans Service Hub (disposable razors, tooth bushes) bring finished kits to ECC office.

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Wednesday, November 28th

Pay it forward at the Drive Through.

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Thursday, November 29th

Bring canned and dry food goods for ECC Cares food bank.

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Friday, november 30th

Buy a gift card and give it to a stranger in your daily traffic pattern, i.e. coffee shop, dry cleaners, grocery. mail delivery, etc.

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Saturday, December 1st

Serve Day at Garfield Elementary School

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Sunday, December 2nd

Drop off canned and dry food goods for Thurston County food bank.

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Monday, December 3rd

Bring a meal to someone in your Oikos.

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Tuesday, December 4th

Decorate the lunch room at a Senior Center

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Wednesday, December 5th

Clean out your closet and donate 5 nice articles of clothing to Union Gospel Mission or City gates.

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Thursday, December 6th

Bring men or ladies socks or underwear and baked cookies for Thurston County Jail.