Disciples Making Disciples

Taught by Dan Reese and Ron Kuest
Wednesday April 11 - May 30
6:30pm to 8pm
$20 Class Fee

All of us, as we grow in Christ, are asking the questions, who is God? Who am I? And knowing that, why does it matter?

What all of us want and need is to have one person who will spend time and help us find answers to those questions. You could be that person. That is the role of a discipler--to help another person grow in Christ.
We will experience the process of having essential conversations, practicing the basic skills of curiosity, listening and asking questions. As believers in Christ we are all called to be disciplers. Most importantly, that first starts by being a friend for the long run.

Using the book GRAVITY: Seven Essential Truths, by Ron Kuest we will help prepare you to have an intentional conversation with another friend about things that matter.