I am currently in Seabrook, WA at a staff/elder retreat with our church’s staff and… you guessed it… elders. We kicked off our first session with worship. I’ve always loved corporate worship times. There is something special about gathering with believers and worship God with one voice (no matter how bad some of our voices might sound).

One of the things that I’ve noticed over the years, however, is that no matter how hard I try to focus on God and not others around me, I always fall short. I’m not always concerned about the volume or smells or even the worries of what other people are thinking about, but for some reason, my mind is always split between thinking about others and thinking about God.

Tonight, when worship began, I decided to find a quiet place, which just so happened to be a staircase, and I began to focus solely on God’s greatness, the sacrifice his Son made for us, and how truly ridiculous it is that he even allows us to speak to him!

During my time away from that room I had the simple realization that corporate worship is an essential part to our faith walks with Christ, but so is personal worship. When we are alone in the presence of God, focusing solely on him and not worrying about others around us, God speaks in big ways.

It’s difficult to silence the noise of life, but when we can find solitude with and in him, he will be there and he will speak.