I have good news for you: doing too much will never be enough.  We try to improve the qualities of our lives by working harder. If you are not good at reading your Bible, then you schedule morning devotions. If you are bad at serving, then you volunteer at the food bank. If your marriage is struggling, then you register for a seminar. But doing more does not make us better people.

Our culture places great value on hard work. We draw straight lines between business and productivity. But does this work when we are trying to improve the quality of our soul? Can we become better followers of Jesus by booking more Jesus-activities?

God is less worried about the work that you do than the person that you are. People often ponder the relationship between our actions and our character. Does being Christian cause us to do Christin things? Or does doing Christian things cause us to be Christian. The answer to this question: yes. Our being and doing have a profound impact on each other. But don’t get twisted, the character of your heart is the primary concern of God.

I give you permission to stop stressing out about doing enough “Christian” things. The ancient poets remind you to, “take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4). You can’t work your way into God’s good graces. And you can’t build trust by taking more things into your hands. Make your shining accomplishment the ability to constantly love the things that God loves. And remember: doing too much will never be enough.