I have had an idea I can't stop thinking about. It's quite discomforting, actually, but it's undeniably true, so I know it's important that I get my mind around it and let it guide me.

Here's the idea: People don't know anything about who you are, if they stare at your talents, abilities, and gifts. Those were given to you. If they want to know about YOU, they only need to look at your choices.

It is your choices, not your abilities, that reveal who you are.

Think about that for a bit. Reflect on the choices you make on a daily basis - and how many of them there are. Choices to put yourself first or last, to give or take, to fight temptation or to give in, and on and on it goes.

So as you move forward today - as you continue to seek to be the best version of yourself - pay attention to your choices and make them intentionally. Let the redemptive work of Christ and His grace empower you to make the choices that the you that you yearn to be would make.