Life was designed by God to be lived in community. When you think about it, a huge percentage of issues we face include a community component.

For example: 

- Isolation and no community leads to uninformed decision-making, isolation and loneliness, and a huge loss of energy that community can create.

- The wrong community leads to mis-informed decision-making, misplaced priorities being celebrated, lack of support for godly direction, and energy in the wrong direction.

- The right community leads to powerful decision-making, connectedness and love, and an exponential boost in energy that comes from healthy community.

We need family. We need a tribe. We need unity, shared stories, the wisdom of many, people to help carry our stretcher, and people to love.

If you are missing out on community, you are missing out on pieces of God Himself. Don't settle for no community and don't be seduced into unhealthy community. Keep trusting God and working toward healthy community. Best way to get started? Be a healthy, empowering, loving person whom others can trust, depend upon, and learn from.