As I write this, the election is 20 days away. I chose the title of this post because I want to encourage you to place your hope in none of the candidates running for office, in any election. We are the people of God and our hope rests supremely and confidently in the One who rules over all.

I have been embarrassed by much of the behavior during this election cycle. There has been disrespectful language, hateful attitudes, intense fear, and statements that this election is essential to the saving of our nation. I have remained largely silent in the public arena because the ability to have simple, direct, respectful dialog has been rare.

Here is my statement: Jesus Christ is Lord of all! The hope of the world is Jesus and His Church! We need the people of God to cry out to God for the redemption of our land and a revival in the hearts of our people. We need a documentable move of God! The greatest thing we can do for our country is live for Jesus and cry out to God for revival.

And we need to vote responsibly. Please, seek God's guidance for your voting decisions. Assess the issues with intensity. Pray over the priorities God would have for our country. Make a prayerful, thoughtful and informed decision and go to the polls and vote in alignment with your convictions. 

Then, go to bed on election night knowing that Jesus Christ is still the ruler of all, that the plans of God cannot be thwarted, and that the Kingdom of God holds your primary citizenship. Let the peace of God rule in your hearts! Don't worry about anything, pray about everything, and let the peace of God rule.