When Jesus healed a man with Leprosy, he did so with some physical touch, even though he could have accomplished the same healing "with no hands". Or could he? The man not only needed healing from his disease, he also needed to experience love in his disease. How long had it been since he had been touched? How lonely it must have been to be exiled from your community becasue you are a physical threat to all?

Like Jesus' decision to touch this man from the fringes, we, too, can bring immeasurable healing to people who never get touched, loved, or dignified due to their location on the fringes of society. God has called us on mission with Him to bring love, dignity, and renewal to "the least of these".

But how? Here are some ideas:

- Join with us in the One Day Wage offering on Easter. This will feed over 160,000 kids in desperate places a daily meal for the next year.

- Keep small "homeless kits" in your vehicle to give the needy who populate our busy intersections every day. This could include bottled water, granola bars, tooth brush/paste, pop tarts, and any number of items that can help sustain their lives without giving cash. Of course, giving cash is also a great option when you feel prompted to do so.

- Seek God for a social issue to focus on. For me, this is at-risk kids. I spend my marginal time, energy, and resources on efforts that directly contribute to meeting the needs of these children who enter adolescence with a huge deck stacked against them.

What would you add to this idea list?