I am recognizing the power of asking that simple question, especially when I am rehearsing situations, circumstances, or outcomes that are frustrating to me. The question is, "Who is the Directly Responsible Individual?"

The power of that question is that it often reveals the sobering information I most need to have if I want to see things change. That information? That I am actually the DRI and, thus, the person to blame for the frutrations I am currrently experiencing!

Sure, there are times when what frustrates me is completely out of my control, but even then I can choose attitudes, prayer, and actions that position me to experience something totally new and better within that frustration.

Give it a shot. Think about a currently frustrating reality you face. Ask yourself, "who is the DRI in this reality?" If it's you, consider what direct responsibility you could exercise to improve the situation. If it's not you, consider the direct responsibility you can exercise to improve your own experience within the reality. Either way, determining who the DRI is will move you forward toward proactive solutions and actions, and that is always a great thing.