The Coin

As for God, his way is perfect”
Psalm 18:30

Life is a temporary situation,
My true home is above in heaven.

Not everything needs an explanation,
The world keeps spinning, that’s the expectation.

Life is good, it’s a celebration!
But death is good too, it’s a graduation.

There is so much I don’t understand.
Like why does evil seem to have the upper hand?

Why does favor fall on the unjust?
Can’t they reap their reward? I guess that would include us.

Every coin has two sides
But I just see one, the other side hides.

I’m fixated on what I can see
But I have faith, I should believe.

I should know that God’s ways are perfect,
Everything He does has a purpose.

Everything He does is perfection,
No matter what I think, it’s always the right direction.

How can I be weak, yet He makes me strong?
This we call grace, it’s what pushes us along.

So rather than getting caught up in the present,
I’ll look to God, He’s my antidepressant!

He’s the cure to my disease,
He’s the one that makes me complete.

He’s my father, I’m gonna hold His hand.
Take me for a walk, Dad, help me understand.

Help me see that everything has a purpose, it’s not all bad.
You’ll help me find happiness, I won’t remain sad.

The secret you’re showing me is this,
Don’t get caught up in the situation, don’t let it make you quit.

Keep trusting me, trust that’s it’s all by design.
Two sides of the same coin, and both sides are mine.