The Chronic "Hurry Sickness"

“You must ruthlessly eliminate worry from your life.”

Dallas Willard


            Many people a battling a sickness and they aren’t even aware of it. This disease is called “Hurry Sickness.” In today’s society and culture, people are constantly trying to check tasks off of their to-do list at lightning speeds. We are living in a world where we are dreaming about the end result, even when the end result keeps moving.

            John Ortberg wrote a book called “The Life You’ve Always Wanted” where he shares several disciplines and practices that help align us with God’s plan for humanity. One of these disciplines is the “Discipline of Slowing.” I know what you’re thinking… slow down? Who has time for that? Slowing down is not only important, it is necessary.

            When we slow down and eliminate hurry from our life, we find ourselves enjoying life, enjoying others, being more intentional with our time, and focusing on what really matters. We are also able to really tune into our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health as we hear from God.

            We all need rest. We all need slowing. We all need time with friends, family, and Jesus that isn’t bound by time limits. Mark 6:31 says it like this, “Come with me, by yourself and get some rest.” May that be how we operate each day. May we slow down and share a meal with our kids, or pause to remind our spouses why we love them, or just hit pause on life to get away with Jesus.

            Time is a big deal, but eternity just happens to be a bigger deal. How are you spending your time?