Dad Priorities

Father’s Day is coming soon and I just want to brag on the incredible power of Dads for influence in the world. In fact, when you just study the tragic statistics of this world, you see the high cost of the loss of dads. For example, 90% of homeless and runaway populations and 80% of psych hospital patients are from fatherless homes. There are many more, but let’s not focus on the negative.

Here is what I know - there are no perfect dads! We are all flawed, but we can make a monumental difference for our kids and the world. I have friends in their 60s and older who still talk about their dads when they were kids - for good and for bad. Your influence is astonishing.

Here are three tips I got from Doug Clay at a recent Men’s Conference:

1. Give your best energy to your most important relationships.

Don’t let lower-priority relationships steal your highest-priority energy - protect it and give it to your family.

    2. Give your best resources to your highest priorities.

Time, money, attention, and energy are your most precious resources. Many of your resources are non-renewable and once you’ve used them, they’re gone. Preserve the best of you and your resources for your highest priorities.

    3. Give your most positive creativity to your deepest disappointments.

Focus your attitude in your pain toward positivity and creativity. Keep asking what you can do to move forward positively and how you can give your best to your recovery from deep wounds.

Short story? Bring your best, protect your best, and prioritize your best for the people and things that matter most. Call on your Heavenly Father to equip and empower you for this critical task and lean on Him.

No reserves. No retreats. No regrets.