Private Health // Public Fruitfulness

In our cultural obsession with celebrities, success, and image, we have forgotten this fundamental principle: Private health precedes Public fruitfulness.

Negligence of this principle results in the kinds of failings that have become commonplace these days: church leaders who live double lives, tragic stories of abuse or sin that becomes public, government leaders who have dark secrets, and more. In fact, it’s becoming almost impossible for people to hold a high degree of confidence in the integrity of anyone or any institution.

The Bible calls it the “law of the farm” which is to say that we will always reap what we sow. When we sow no seeds of continual spiritual formation and character development in the private place alone with God, it is only a matter of time before we see a corresponding famine of character, strength, or courage in the public space.

The simple way to say it is that we have become Christians without an Altar; followers of Jesus who actually spend almost no time alone with Jesus to hear His voice, learn His character, or answer His call.

Following Jesus is a life of both Altar and Obedience:


  • The place of communion, consecration, and commission for every servant of God

  • The place of private health

  • The place of power for growth and change


  • The disciplined lifestyle and focus of someone surrendered to the ownership of Jesus

  • The place of public fruitfulness

  • The process of growth and change

We receive 3 Graces at the Altar, which we can find no other way:

  • Authority - over the flesh and the voices of the world

  • Assurance - of our mission from Jesus

  • Anointing - to fulfill our life of obedience with bountiful fruitfulness

I believe God is calling His people back to the practice and priority of the altar, both privately and corporately, and that, as we seek Him in that sacred space in our lives, we will see Him move among and through us like never before. 

The world is starving for followers of Jesus who prioritize their altar time with Jesus and, therefore, carry with them the aroma of Christ.