Hello Pursuit Host!

We are so glad you have signed up to be a Pursuit Group Host! Your commitment to hosting over the next 8-weeks will play a huge role in the spiritual formation of the people in your group.

What’s Next?

You’ll need to set up your group so that others can join beginning January 15. We’ve provided instructions below on how to do this:


Here’s How To Set Up Your Group

Follow the steps below and/or check out this video tutorial on how to get your group started!

  1. Check your email

    Once your group is ready to be set up, you’ll receive an email from “Planning Center” with a link to set your group up.

  2. Is your group is open or closed?

    If closed, send an email to chad@ecconline.cc with a list of who will be in your group.

  3. Define group details:

    • Location

    • What day you will meet

    • Is there a preferred life stage for your group?

    • Is there Childcare?

  4. Upload a picture:

    Choose a default picture or choose one of you and (if applicable) your co-host.

You’re All Done!

Now that you’ve gone through these steps, your group is all set to receive members!

Before we kick off on February 3, you’ll receive an email listing out who is in your group along with some tips on how to most effectively host a group!

You are incredible and we are cheering you on like crazy! Thanks again for choosing to host a group! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything at all to chad@ecconline.cc!