Conversation: WHO IS GOD?


Every one of us, no matter our history, context, or experience, has some idea of what we think about God. Is He real? Does He exist? Did He create everything and then disappear, or does He remain involved in creation and participate in it? For some, He is the Great Judge waiting to strike them dead if they get out of bounds. For others, He is the cosmic Santa Claus or emergency response team - ready to respond with gifts or rescue when called upon. Still for others He is the cruel, negligent, and unworthy One who is to blame for the disaster that has become the human world.

The problem is that none of our ideas can be entirely accurate, for He is so far above and beyond our capacity to understand that our images and words cannot adequately capture Him. We cannot fully grasp, nor therefore describe, His majesty, glory, endlessness, and power. Our three pounds of human brain simply cannot comprehend the depth and breadth of God.

Therefore, God must reveal Himself to us if we are to know Him with any accuracy at all.


“How great you are, Sovereign Lord! There is no one like you, and there is no God but you...”

2 Samuel 7:22