Day One: God Is The Sovereign Creator

Day One


»  Where are you when you feel the closest to God? (practice that today)

»  Do you have a tendency to tell God how big your problems are, or to tell your problems how big God is? Why?

»  If God was to speak to your current fears or anxieties, what would He say? (take a few moments to listen for His answer)

»  Practice this week’s memory verse.

The first four words of the Bible give us all the information we need to understand our position in the universe. From these four simple words we can immediately recognize that life comes from God, is found in God, and exists for God. He who was the beginning and source of all things naturally has the authority to govern our existence.

However difficult this may be for our rebellious hearts to accept, it is unalterably true. Like the Priest in the movie, “Rudy,” if we only know two things, they are the two things that guide us best: “There is a God and I am not Him.”

The history of the world is the ongoing story of man’s dogged insistence that it is he who is sovereign, not God. Man is the perpetual toddler, stuck in the “terrible twos” and continues to stomp his feet, raise his voice, and scream, “Mine!” to God. But it is the Creator who gets to form the creation any way He desires. The Creator makes the rules, sets the limitations, and determines the outcomes for His creation.

“The Creator of the world is doubtless also the Governor of it. He that had power to give being to the world, and set all the parts of it in order, has doubtless power to dispose of the world, to continue the order he has constituted, or to alter it. He that rst gave the laws of nature, must have all nature in his hands. So it is evident God has the world in his hands, to dispose of as he pleases.”
- Jonathan Edwards

God has decided to allow His created ones to choose who they trust: their Creator or themselves. But our decision in this regard does not affect God or His Sovereign plans, for He already knows the decisions we will make and will use both our obedience and our rebellion to accomplish His sovereign will.

Yes, there is a Sovereign One and you are not Him.