Day Five: God Is With Us



»  It is impossible for you to be somewhere that the Presence of God is not. What comes to your mind as you reflect on that?

»  Your body is a container for the Spirit of Jesus. What difference ought that to make in you?

»  Reflect on two realities the Spirit brings to you: Comfort and Power. How do you need each one of these in your life today?

»  What is the most amazing thing the Holy Spirit has done in your life?

»  Practice this weeks memory verse.

In his final study session with the disciples, before the cross, Jesus told them that his imminent departure was actually a good thing for them. He told them that the Father would then send them another Comforter - the Spirit of God. He said that the world cannot accept or understand Him, but that the Spirit would be with them and in them. “On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me and I am in you.” (John 14:20). This was an astounding promise for us all.

Then, when the time finally came for Jesus to ascend to the Father, He told the disciples to anticipate the promised arrival of the Holy Spirit and to expect that the Presence and Power of God would be their new normal. He used the Greek word “dunamis” to describe that power, which you may recognize as the root word for an explosive device that can move mountains (dynamite). And such is His Presence and Power in the Person of the Holy Spirit in us.

The coming of the Holy Spirit and His availability to all mankind is not a small footnote in the grand story of God. It accompanies the sacrifice of Jesus as a declaration of war on sin and the forces of evil. At the moment Jesus took his last breath on the cross, the veil of the temple was completely torn in two. On the other side of that veil was the altar, where only the High Priest would encounter the Presence of God, and only the High Priest could enter. With the death of Jesus, God destroyed the barrier between ourselves and Him, and invited every one of us into a personal relationship with Him. Now the Presence of God is available to all people!

Hey, God is with you.

Can a more significant thing ever be said of anyone? He is with you; His victory is yours; His Power is yours; nothing shall be impossible for you. His Presence and Power are yours and mine so that we might bear witness in the world to the reality of His grace for all people.

Believe and enjoy!