Truth #36 Christ will Return Again, in Victory

Truth #37 Every Person Will Give an Account to God

Truth #38 Hell is the Eternal Home for Those who Reject God

Truth #39 Heaven is Prepared for The Redeemed

Truth #40 There Will be a New Heaven and a new Earth


Gather with your Pursuit Group and have the following discussion:

»  Take turns reciting this Week’s memory verse: Revelation 21:1-2

»  Are you eager for the return of Jesus? Why or why not?

»  How does knowing the war is already won help you choose peace in the middle of your current battle? Or does it?

»  Are you personally able to live in perpetual peace about the day of judgment? Why or why not?

»  What is the most difficult part of the concept of eternal punishment for you to get your arms around?

»  If it is not about the deeds we have done, why are our deeds being recorded in God’s books? (hint: see Truth #13)

»  Is the idea of Hell difficult for you? Why or why not?

»  Who ends up in Hell?

»  Why is it possible to know for certain that your eternal destiny is Heaven?

»  What do you most anticipate about Heaven? What will be the best part?

»  If you get to ask God one question when you first arrive in Heaven, what will you ask?

»  What is the most beautiful place on earth you’ve ever been? Where is one place you’ve never been that you would you like to visit?

»  What is one thing you hope will be true about your experience in Heaven?

»  How has the Pursuit gone for you? How would you summarize your experience?

»  Check out the Next Steps page and share what you plan to do next.

»  Share prayer requests and current life issues with one another.

»  Pray for each other.