Week 5 Group Discussion

Gather with your Pursuit Group and have the following discussion:

»  Take turns reciting this Week’s memory verse: 2 Timothy 1:9

»  How is the Pursuit going for you so far? How is God using it in your life?

»  What is harder for you - accepting God’s forgiveness or forgiving yourself? Why?

»  Do you feel completely forgiven? How do you think your answer to the question affects your life?

»  What do you think people abuse most: Money, Sex, or Power? Why do you think that?

»  In which arena do you need to allow the gospel to have a greater influence on you: Power; Humility; Love; Money?

»  Did you try the “mean people” idea from Truth #23? How did it go?

»  How much blessing and goodness from God are you leaving untouched because you lack the faith to ask or receive?

»  What does it mean that we were dead in our sins and Christ made us alive? What does “dead” mean? What does “alive” mean?

»  How does it feel to know that God knew you before the foundations of the world?

»  What part of your ongoing sanctification (becoming more like Jesus) needs more progress lately? How happy are you with your overall progress? What is holding you back?

»  Share prayer requests and current life issues with one another.

»  Pray for each other.