Welcome To Known!


What Is Known?

Known is an experiential journey through the Lord’s Prayer. The way Jesus taught us to pray through the Lord’s Prayer is a window into the dreams God has for a relationship with us and lays out a pathway for that dream to become our reality. As we catch this dream and walk this pathway, we can actually know God, be known by God, and, consequently, make God more accurately known in our world.

Here’s What We Ask

  1. Don’t take this journey alone! Meet once a week with a friend, a group of friends, another couple if you’re married. We have groups for you to join if you’d like to do that as well!

  2. Commit to do the daily work five days a week for all seven weeks.

  3. Commit to meeting with your group once a week for all seven weeks, but don’t settle for less than five.

Here’s What To Expect Next

  1. Once you register for Known, you will receive an email with further instructions on how to join a group. This will be helpful for all; whether you already have a group or are needing help finding one.

  2. The Known journal will be available, beginning September 29th. You can pick up your copy in the church lobby.

  3. Starting the week of September 29th, begin your personal journey into Known using the Known Journal. Then starting the week of October 6th, meet weekly with your group, and don’t miss Sunday Morning gatherings as we will be corporately learning deeper truths of this Known journey together!

This will be a blast! Please let us know if you have any questions at all by reaching out to leif.holmes@evergreenpnw.com