Evergreen Ministry College

With Northwest University

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Evergreen Ministry College positions leaders to change the world through accredited learning and practical ministry experiences.

Experiential learning is the centerpiece of ELC and every student invests 20% of their academic studies outside of the classroom.

Come experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest through a flexible and practical educational program at an affordable price.

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"Changing the world through more and better followers of Jesus."


The Pacific Northwest

Evergreen Ministry College is located in the hart of the Pacific Northwest. Strategically located between Seattle and Portland, the College engages with some of the un-churched, innovative, and challenging communities. The city of Olympia is one of a kind and presents many opportunities to serve and learn.

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Weekly Schedule

Evergreen Ministry College requires a 20 hour weekly commitment. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are focused on ministry, core studies, and ministry school respectively. Students will spend Sunday and Tuesday serving in their field of interest. All students will work together in Monday and participate fully in the life and training of Evergreen Christian Community Staff.

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Your Calling


Create your own custom learning experience by choosing a Core Study and Ministry School that fits your calling. All Core Study Degrees are fully accredited through Northwest University. Each Ministry School program is lead by one of the staff members from Evergreen Ministry College and Evergreen Christian Community.

Schools of Ministry

  • School of Worship

  • School of Ministry Leadership

  • School of Production

  • School of Communication

  • School Youth Ministry

  • School of Children’s Ministry

  • School of Leadership Studies


Program Director

Administrative Assistant