Jail Ministry

ECC Jail/Prison outreach exists to encourage, comfort and challenge inmates who find themselves in a difficult situation and to provide an opportunity for the body of Christ to serve them. 

This is accomplished in partnership with 20 plus area churches working together to reach inmate’s deepest spiritual needs through Jesus.

Teams go into jail every three months for four visits. There are five simultaneous services with between 50 to 100 total inmates in attendance with groups of 5-20 each. 

It is hard to accurately describe the joy and satisfaction, as well as the camaraderie experienced by the team members when serving in this ministry. 

Initial interview with the team leader and background check are required to participate. People with prior convictions are eligible.
Ways you can get involved:
· Speakers desiring to share a message
· Intercessory prayer/observation partners
· One-on-one prayer support/encouragement for inmates
· Adopt an inmate via mail correspondence
· Bible study correspondence by mail
· Ministry to jail staff
· Transitional support upon release
· GED and recovery classes