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Evergreen Production assists with creating an experience during gatherings and events. It takes several people serving as a team to operate the equipment to create this experience. 

The production positions include audio, video, lighting, and staging. People serving in production are asked to serve a minimum of one time a month. No experience necessary. Training is available for all positions.

 There are many times to serve:

  • Wednesday evening and Sunday morning Gatherings

  • Sunday morning Adult Bible Study

  • Sunday evening Youth Gatherings

  • Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening ministry classes

Opportunities to serve include: 

Camera Operator
Operates cameras for live broadcast and recording of gatherings and events

Computer Graphics Operator
Operates computers that project lyrics and videos

Lighting Operator
Operates and programs lighting for gatherings and events

Video Director
Directs camera operators/switches between cameras to live stream and record

Audio Assistant
Support and training position

Audio Lead
Responsible for the live audio mix in the auditoriums.

Assist with moving items on and off stage before, during, and after gatherings/events