How To Bring It Every Time

When I ask people, “What is it that people want from you the most?” they always answer, “My time” because that is what people ask for. But they are wrong.

People don’t want your time - they want your energy.  

They ask for your time because they love the energy you bring when you spend time with them. The gift you give is your energy. No, not some kind of karma, fruity, mystical kind of energy - the energy of your personality, strength, and love - the best of yourself.


Here are five tips on how to bring what people are looking for every time:

  • Pause before every “meeting” and summon your energy. Before you step into their presence, resolve to forget everything else and bring your best in a focused way just for them.

  • Eliminate distractions. Put your phone away. I know you can commit to looking at it less, but trust me, just put the dumb thing away. The average person unlocks their screen 80 times per day. We are addicts and need deliverance.

  • Don’t worry about the time. I find that when I’m worried about keeping the interaction short, I make it fruitless, I am not fully present, or I am wrapped up in anxious stress the whole time. But when I ignore the clock and give focused attention, it always takes less time than if I’d been clock-watching.

  • Be in the moment. The substance of your life - the stuff you’ll savor on your deathbed - will be made up of moments. If you won’t be fully present in the moment, you are going to miss the gold that daily life can surprise you with.

  • Speak less and listen more. Maybe this one is just for me and my big mouth, but my interactions give me even more energy when I listen more and talk less. I try to think to myself, “WAIT” - Why Am I Talking?

You have something no one else can deliver but you: your unique energy and presence. Steward that well and bring it on every occasion.